AAST - Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology

We are nonprofit with the goal of improving the world we live in


Spread the knowledge

Without investing in the youngest generations and their quality education, the chances for long-term prosperity are limited. Therefore, we strive to improve the education process in B&H by organizing summer schools and camps, creating additional learning materials, popularizing science among young people, and promoting quality teaching methods.


Discover together

We believe that it is finally time for Bosnia and Herzegovina to join the ranks of developed countries, and this is not possible without a developed scientific climate and research institutes. A large number of internationally successful Bosnian scientists are ready to contribute to this joint mission. However, we need a little help from the Bosnian public and responsible people.


Support the development

The application of science and advanced technologies in the industry can bring a revival to our economy. Since we live in the digital age, we have no barriers like previous generations and we can solve a large amount of work online or using computers, without capital investment and generous infrastructure. To achieve that goal, you need a network of reliable contacts and a little enthusiasm.