We feature career stories from ANNT friends and members to provide insight into a wide range of possible career paths and broaden the vision of STEM careers.

This week, our member Selma Vejzagić writes her story:

"My job is scientific and research work at institutes related to forestry, that is, various disciplines that come within the framework of forestry. By being employed in certain positions, a person is obliged to keep a secret, which is normal when you work in the public service of a country, but - for the job, I can say that it is very attractive and adventurous for future forestry personnel, who want to continue their career outside the borders of BiH, but also certain bring knowledge to BiH. The working day depends on what is planned in a certain phase of work or a certain project.

First of all, you must be free from all restraints. You will travel a lot, you will have to learn foreign languages and constantly adapt to a new environment. Your career can go in various directions, because you will be able to deal with various disciplines within a wider scientific field. You will get to know many people, the work of various services or offices, then legal provisions, and above all, you will understand the meaning of research.

Until I was 18, I didn't even know that there was a Faculty of Forestry in Sarajevo. I was interested in game. After graduating from the "Dobrinja High School", which was an excellent choice for my future pursuit of scientific and research work, I enrolled in the Faculty of Forestry on the second attempt. An education at the Dobrinja Gymnasium, especially in the Natural Sciences, will help you to eventually decide to study natural and biotechnical sciences, because it is a school where talents and love for natural sciences are discovered after many years.

I didn't study abroad with a scholarship. I received my education in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I would recommend pupils and students to invest their energy while they are younger to finish their studies and earn as much money as possible, because life is getting faster, and the human body is more and more difficult to bear stress, and health and the environment are more vulnerable than ever. Regarding tips for applying for scholarships, I can say that most scholarship holders have several deadlines during the year for applications, for example: some have "deadlines" in June and September, or in March, and the next in January. It is important that you always have prepared translations of documents and a "draft" CV and motivation letter ready in advance. Don't give up applying for scholarships and jobs, because I can tell you that in my life I have sent somewhere over four thousand applications for jobs and scholarships, and I have only received three different scholarships and changed four institutes in Germany." #annt #stem #anntkarijerneprice

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