About us

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Our vision

Looking to the future, we see Bosnia and Herzegovina as a respectable and accessible country for approaching science and technology, and the Association as a driving force for the advancement of science and technology for the benefit of all citizens of B&H.

Our mission

We are committed to connecting young and successful scientists and experts in the field of natural, mathematical, and technical sciences, to improve the conditions and infrastructure for scientific and professional work in B&H.

The Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology (ANNT) is a non-governmental organization composed of young scientists in the fields of natural, mathematical, and technical sciences. Our members live and work in Bosnia and Herzegovina, while some of them work at prestigious world institutions, however, they are all connected to our homeland and share a common vision of improving the state of science in it.


Almost all of our members began their education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and most of them continued their scientific and professional training at the world's top universities. So far, our members have achieved great success in the fields of natural sciences, mathematics, and technology and are currently at prestigious institutions such as CERN (Geneva), UCL (London), ETH Zurich, or in companies such as Google's DeepMind (London) who are at the forefront of scientific research. Aware of the situation in our country and abroad, we strive to contribute to the positive processes and progress of science and technology in Bosnia and Herzegovina with our experience and knowledge, for the benefit of all its citizens.

Our goals:

  • Improving conditions and infrastructure for the development of science and technology in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Connecting scientists and experts in B&H and in the world
  • Advocating for the return of scientists and experts in BiH
  • Public promotion of science and technology
  • Strengthening cooperation between the institutions for scientific research and industry
  • Organization of gatherings, seminars, conferences, etc
  • Assistance and support in directing, aiding, and developing of excellent students at prestigious world institutions
  • Cooperation with universities in B&H and the world
  • Improvement of international scientific cooperation
  • Promotion of B&H in international scientific circles

By persistently transferring knowledge, creating contacts and connections, and implementing projects, as well as in other ways, we are committed to the success of our homeland.

Together we have decades of experience competing in world-class scientific fields, researching at prestigious universities, and imparting knowledge to pupils and students.

Numerous scientific research papers published in top scientific journals, doctoral degrees, awards and medals from the world science Olympiads, recognitions of excellence and cum laude students testify that we have great potential, but also a great responsibility to govern it correctly.